The GX1 / G15 question ?

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Re: The GX1 / G15 question ?

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

biza43 wrote:

I have both. Bottom line is: they are different cameras serving different purposes. So, you need to define your purposes, and choose accordingly.

The G1X gives you better high ISO than the G15, because its sensor is larger. However, the lens is also slower, because the sensor is big.

The G15 has a smaller sensor, so it can have a faster lens, so you don´t need to go to high ISO. And ISO 800 is good enough in the G15 for prints up to A3, so do you really need more?

Of course there are more things to consider; the large sensor will give you smoother tonal transitions, more pixel resolution. But the G15 will give you faster AF...

I will add

that G1X delivers more backgrownd blurr across the whole zoom range.

If you want to compare with DoF on a full frame like 5DMark3

at 28mm G1X DoF is equal to a f5.2 on a full frame, G15 DoF is equal to f8.3

at 110mm G1X DoF is equal to f10.3 on a full frame, G15 DoF is equal to f12.3

The minimum focus distance of the G1X cripples its DOF control for close ups and macros. Also at telephoto distances, the (much) faster lens of the G15 coupled with the shorter MFD allows it to blur the background a bit more than the G1X.  Of course, folks can add a close up filter to the G1X, but that really negates the size advantage of using a compact camera.

Here are some close up shots that demonstrate the ability to isolate a subject taken with my G15 that would not have been possible with a G1X:

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