Disappointed with 14-140mm video image quality

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Re: Disappointed with 14-140mm video image quality

Kim Letkeman wrote:

georgec wrote:

I trusted the 14-140mm for an important trip, very disappointed with the image quality, comparing to the ones taken with 20mm f1.7

I have just sold it

100-300mm is a better lens for image quality I found.

I have both and will have to test them against each other to see if my 14-140 is also a bad sample as yours obviously was.

The thing is, the 14-140 is the kit lens got the GH3. Kind of doesn't make sense as a kit lens on a high end body if it inherently sucks. So that's why I suggest sample variation as the primary culprit ...

I think I got lucky with mine.  My (rather unscientific) impressions of my 100-300mm and 14-140mm is that the 100-300mm has better native color rendition, but is a little less sharp than my 14-140mm.  I may have to do some comparison shots to see whether that is really the case, but in use it seems to be how my results come out.

I suspect there is some significant sample variation here.....


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