Pocket Wizard or proprietory flash trigger?

Started Dec 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
GMack Senior Member • Posts: 2,928
Re: Pocket Wizard or proprietory flash trigger?

I grew fond of the old Paul Buff flash control slider-box.  Don't know if they are still around.  Had something like 6 sliders on the unit where one can change all the or some of the lights instantly and no menu button pushing and staring at a LCD screen and wondering if it is set right.  Only drawback were the 24-foot telephone cords from each head to it and the PC camera cord too.

However, I believe that box had an input socket (1/4 phone plug?) and maybe a RF receiver there and the RF transmitter on the camera may be the best possibility and a lot quicker than going into some LCD menu too.  The CyberCommander wireless thing of theirs is worthless in the bright outdoors to see and slow in use as well.  Its batteries (tiny AAA ones) die too quickly too if the screen is at max. brightness and its used a lot.

Some rainy day project maybe.  Photixx Odins to the slide-box next.


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