FX equivalent to the 18-200mm?

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Chester; We're trying to infect you with "lens lust"!

slimandy wrote:

If you want a good equivalent to the 18~200 you should probably have kept it and stuck to DX. The D700 deserves better. I don't think you are doing it justice by sticking a big jack of all trades lens of questionable quality on it. You would be wasting its capabilities IMO. However, if it's what you want take a look at the Nikon 28~300. Not that I recommend it.

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But I guess if the OP was happy with the 18-200VR, the 28-300 might be acceptable to him.

My wife loves her 18-200VR on her D90. Her 17-55 and 70-300Vr are rarely used. But, if she's happy, then I'm happy!

Every once in a while, especially if we are shooting together, she might ask me why my pictures are coming out better.

"Well honey, your ISO, f-stop (aperture) setting, and lens that you are using really aren't very good for the dim light. Plus that little pop up flash is not really powerful enough for what you are shooting".

"I don't want to hear all that stuff about eye-so's, f-stops and lenses, I just want you to tell me how to make my pictures better! My camera is set to "P", so shouldn't that work for everything?"

"And I don't like putting that big flash on top of my camera!"

If the purpose of the OP changing bodies and lenses is to improve his image quality, yeah, the 28-300 might not be the best way to do it.

Being able to use multiple lenses is one of the great advantages of having a DSLR in the first place.

If I had to suffer with using only one general purpose lens (groan...), I might consider something like the 24-120 VR.

Personally, I've become addicted to great lenses.

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