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Re: Topaz Detail 3 & photoFXlab both updated...

Interesting as it would not update from its internal Updater within CS6 here, nor did it want to connect with the server via their Topaz Software Download Manager v1.2.4 either.

I also found their newest photoFXlab would not update and that has been updated too I see (Version is downloading right now even though the one on their site says 1.2.3.  I had 1.2.1 so it too is new, just needed to grab it manually off their downloads section and not use their update within the programs.

Only way I could get them both was to go here and download direct:

Good work on the find!  Thanks!

Still wish they would make a "Sky Fix Filter" for areas of blown out skies between tree branches, pine needles, leaves, and the like.  No banding artifacts either which seems to pop up at times in JPEG engines/converters in the sky.  I hate working and fixing up that blue sky - or lack of one - stuff.  "Add blue here and there.  Add noise to smooth.  Smooth banding artifacts.  Decrease noise.  Smooth more.  Needs a gradient blend.  Missed a few spots in the branches."  Ugh!


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