Some DP1 Merril first test results

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Re: Some DP1 Merril first test results


I've fumbling through the Sigma experience for a few years now.  Like my SD14--with either an old 15-30mm or a 28-70.  Like the DP1s--an Amazon sale prize from a few years ago--nearly the only digital camera I've taken with me anywhere for the last 2+ years. Some 6500 shots on the DP1s and still going--very consistent and reliable results in the field in all manner of light.

I was probably making harsh assessments yesterday on the DP1m.  The shots taken in mid-day when a bright sun was actually getting through clouds show the camera takes nice, neutral-looking colors and careful exposure catches all the higher values at 100 ISO--but the late day, waning light shots just look to take more care and possibly more processing.  What I was shooting was limiting for assessing the camera as well.

The ca is manageable--but the purple fringing seems something on top of typical ca.  Nearly all of it about disappears if one uses the All Fringe removal feature in Photoshop camera raw--but this makes subtle deductions of color across the whole image.  Have noticed the images from the DP1m seem to tolerate more of Sigma's fill feature in the current SPP.  I should try and post a few jpgs from yesterday.

I'll keep the camera and make it work.  Plan to haul it around Yellowstone with a lot of old film TLR's and German 6x6 folders and a few bigger cameras from time to time.


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