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Hughesnet wrote:

Are you sure about the Thumb Mount? Steve Huff said that the Thumb mount works with the EVF.

I am quite sure Huff did not say that - quite the opposite in fact.

There are no pass through connectors on the thumb rest to allow for the EVF to function; what's more, when you look deep inside the hot shoe at the front edge you'll see a delicate row of pin connectors - it is these which the EVF requires, not the connectors on the floor of the hot shoe which power / control on-camera flash.

The thumb rest is a simple, albeit expensive, hunk of metal. It's only useful on a camera being used without an external finder or with the optical finder.

PS: Martin, love the Rolleiflex. Former Rollei shooter here. (Sold my Rolleiflex but still have my Rollei 35TE though, that's my fun camera a few times a year.)

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