Nikon vs Canon choice

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Really Peter?

Hi Peter,

You have a good eye for composition and take nice pictures.  But sadly you know nothing about the technology and are totally overmatched by the people you are arguing with.

You are completely wrong about Bob being a Canon basher.  Read this post from today....

"From who you are and what you say that you do, I would think that the 6D is the better bet. The D600 has four significant advantages over the 6D, a slight advantage in resolution, better DR, higher FPS and a more advanced AF system. From what you say, none of these is particularly significant to you (though the higher DR can help in high contrast situations to avoid plugged shadows). The significant advantage of the 6D is built in WiFi, and it sounds as though that is important to you. You can remote control the D600 from a tablet via an accessory called the WTF-1b, but it's not a very powerful or fast interface and mechanically rather kludgy. If you want to do a lot of remote control work, the 6D is a better solution."

Ready to eat your words?

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