OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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Kim Letkeman
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Re: hmmm ...

BingoCharlie wrote:

Not really. Those are hideous. Why wouldn't I just use a weather sealed camera?

Perhaps because there are so few choices? The OM-D does not do it for me so it is not really an option, especially for something so rarely used (and the preponderance of non-sealed cameras is the rule that belies the exception.)

As for hideous ... seriously, most people don't even need the feature 99+% of the time, so the number of times you have to use such a device is pretty limited unless you are always out in a dusty environment. Of course, then you will want to use a sealed camera and lens. And the pickings are slim ...

Also, those don't really help with dust.

Not sure why you say that. Shake out the device and put it on before going into the dusty environment if you can. Then shoot. Leave it on until you are in a cleaner environment if you can.

Sorry, I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on this point.

We will, and we do.

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