I Need Advice to Make a First Print

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Re: I Need Advice to Make a First Print

When I look at the image size of my photo in photoshop, it shows that it the resolution 180 DPi and it is 27.644 wide and 15.556 high.

Not quite. It's saying that if you want a res of 180 DPI or higher, the image must be 27.644 x 15.556 inches or smaller.

If you want a higher res image, then you have to accept a smaller print. If you want a larger print, you'll have to accept a lower resolution. For these two cases, the image itself will be resized (shrunk or expanded) by the printer driver. Shrinking or expanding an image both have an impact on sharpness.

The crucial piece of info is the pixel dimensions which is also available somewhere in the PS dialog.

Physical dimensions = image_pixel_dimensions / DPI.

Given the pixel dimensions, you can easily work out the physical dimensions (in inches) for a particular print resolution in DPI (dots per inch). Or you can let the PS dialog do it for you.

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