OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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richarddd wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

MatsP wrote:

OMD has better IQ, but you woun't really notice that unless you make very big prints or are pixelpeeping. You can take wonderful pictures with the G5, no doubt.

In my tests, you won't really notice it at all up to about 3200 ISO.

IQ differences between cameras are way overrated, IMHO

OMD has stabilsation in house (IBIS) which G5 doesn't have, but if you keep to OIS Panasonic lenses and never want to use legacy lenses, don't bother!

I use unstabilized lenses most of the time on GH2, G5 and GF3. Incredible that it is still possible

Of course it's possible , but if you're shooting in dim light without a tripod or other bracing, image stabilization is very nice. There's a limit to how far good technique, fast glass and high ISO can take you in those conditions. IBIS gives you more flexibility.

IBIS is a big reason I chose an E-M5, but different people need different tools.

OMD has more advanced settings to make (but an awkward menu)

The G5 has a touch interface that is fully customizable for quick access to whatever it is you like to change a lot.

The OM-D could use better interface, but I don't find it gets in the way of shooting. Aperture and exposure comp are the settings I change the most, by a large margin, and the camera has two wheels. Most everything else I care about is easily accessible. Another case of "different people need different tools."

Another important area where the E-M5 is superior is the live view exposure warnings (shadow and highlight "blinkies"). In my view, that's an invaluable feature, which allows me to set exposure exactly as I want it far more quickly than with any other camera I have used.

If you are an experienced photographer you should probably prefere OMD, but a beginner I think is well off with the G5, especially if video is interesting

How condescending. I am very experienced and I prefer the G5 hands down.

There's a pervasive notion that you can't be a serious photographer if you prefer *that* camera. It's absurd.

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