Which RAW Processor for More Efficient Workflow: Capture1 or Lightroom ??

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Re: Which RAW Processor for More Efficient Workflow: Capture1 or Lightroom ??

Having used Lightroom for a few years I then switched to Apple Aperture with no regrets as it gave me more pleasing results and faster - except it was a bit of a paradigm shift in how I work.  Even though the programs looks similar at a first glance, they are actually quite different.  Initially I was frustrated with Aperture, later I started to appreciate it.

However, recently I discovered Photo Ninja and I've been using that as it yet gives me the best results for my needs the fastest, except it's a significant paradigm shift in how you work as compared to Lightroom.  It takes a few days getting used to, but I'd say that Photo Ninja is currently my main and preferred RAW converter.

Now back to Lightroom, my biggest complaint there was that the colors and contrast just didn't look good out of the box.  Even using the camera profiles they supply, still I was not pleased with the look.  I've never done a custom color chart profile for my cameras to use in Lightroom, so I don't know if it would make a positive difference - and it might, but I've already switched to alternative programs without that calibration hassle and I like it.

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