Do Monitor Calibrating Devices Work on TVs???

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Re: Do Monitor Calibrating Devices Work on TVs???

Yes, they can. However, like you said, it depends on how old the under $150 meter is.  We've seen those meters typically start shifting enough to be visible around the 1-2 year mark (depending on how the meter was cared for).  Some of the newer meters (within the last year) have increased color range due to updated color filters, increased display support (LED, LCD, Plasma, and even some meters have OLED support), greater accuracy, and improved consistency.

Here is a couple of meters that would support both monitors and flat panel HDTV's:

  • i1 Display Pro (retail)
  • OEM i1 Display
  • Colormunki Smile
  • SpectraCal C3

Hope this helps.

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