Broken Diopter on the Nikon D600: Nikon Canada, what is wrong?

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Broken Diopter on the Nikon D600: Nikon Canada, what is wrong?

I am starting a new thread here about this issue.

I ordered from a leading canandian dealer, a Nikon D600. It took me about 2 minutes to figure out that the diopter was broken, or non functionnal. I could not see clearly the information at the bottom of the viewfinder, nor could I see the AF array or anything else for that matter. Too blurry. And adjusting the diopter wheel did nothing at all.

I googled: "diopter d600". Found out that this problem was indeed existing. Some people have experienced it before.

I sent the unit back to my dealer. They checked, and their preliminary conclusion was that:

"We all agree that the dioptre does not seem to have the same range as a Nikon D4 or even the 5D MKII even though they are rated the same on paper."

They all agreed; 4 persons. So, either the D600 (or the whole lot) was defective, or either the information published on the Nikon Canada website is wrong. That is my conclusion based on their assessment. I suspect the former because, like I mentioned, when I turned the diopter wheel, nothing changed.

A few emails later, my dealer told me that Nikon Canada "have yet to hear of this issue. They requested I send the unit in for assessment."

They have not heard of this issue? I don't think so. It is documented on the Web. A few, if not many, D600's have been returned to dealers concerning this particular problem. How can they have not heard of this before?

I suggest to the Nikon techs in Canada to google these three words as well: "D600 sensor dust". But this is another story.

Now, I am waiting for a happy ending to this story. But two things come to my mind at the moment. The D600 might not be built with strict tolerances, and the quality control department in Thaïland might not do a proper job. The other thing, Nikon Canada is probably trying to sweep this situation under the rug for some reason I do not understand. I will wait for their assessment about this issue to draw my conclusions though.

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