RX1, Day 3, 1st Set

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Re: RX1, Day 3, 1st Set

Hughesnet wrote:

I noticed many of your shots have a watercolor effect and a regular shot. Are you using the in camera effect or doing it in PP? I like the look on a few of them.

We have to use an in-camera function after taking the pictures to transform the images into watercolors.  So far, I am shooting mostly in Aperture Priority, hand held.  I never had a camera with this possibility before, therefore, I am exploring my artistic abilities. I am noticing myself looking for places and images which I think will look good in the watercolor mode.

I am also shooting only JPEGS, with hopes that Lightroom will support the camera soon.  If I find time this weekend, I will do some regular shooting in raw, and try to learn the Sony software. I will be posting "regular" images as I promised sometime next week.

What surprises me about this camera, is how intuitive it is. I did not spend more than 1 1/2h daily, usually during sunset (after work), and I was able to capture many images (I know that many of them may not be to people's like, but I like them--Art is after all very subjective).  I will however, after the flirtatious phase with the camera, become more selective on what I post.  I hope I can do justice to what this camera is capable of, and I will also try to do a better job with the post-processing.

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