AARRRGGHH! Missed the UPS Guy Delivering my GH3

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Re: Give us your review, pleeeeaaaase!

Pedagydusz wrote:

Ann, I am eagerly waiting for your impressions, as I am a potential future buyer.

Have fun!

I am really enjoying the GH-3.  For sake of physical size only, yes its like a smaller DSLR, but the kicker is the ability to put a 12-35 or 35-100 2.8 lens that is physically larger. So it does keep a small form in that regard.  It will take a little bit of time to just keep shooting the camera to get really comfortable like anything.  I just discovered a short cut during playback of images that is you can swipe the screen and it reacts like a iPad so you do not have to use button to review.

This is also a good time of year to really put it to the test with the holiday's and lights & decorations. As soon as a train garden opens a the firehouses that will be a stop to do some testing.

I am also in the process of getting video accessories like an external mic and LED light to test that.  I want to mirror the dedicated video camera.

I also see the vertical grip accessory could be very helpful for some since I was changing exposure comp and ISO while shooting vertical that would make it easier to get those buttons since they all feel the same. You just have to remember the order with out looking for WB, ISO and exposure comp, not a big deal at all.

Last, I highly recommend you pre-order the camera.  I can speak for B&H when I ordered mine in September it took about 8 weeks and now its back to pre-order so who knows when the next shipment will show.  You can always cancel or return if you have to, but at least your in line.

I have a trip in March of 2013 that I plan to take the GH-3 and leave the video camera home.  I already have an idea of the lenses and so one what I'll will take since I've done this type of vacation a few years ago.

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