NY post publishes photo of man about to die

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Re: NY post publishes photo of man about to die

WalterSrChat wrote:

Horshack wrote:

Lots of ethical questions raised by this article, both about the NY post and its photographer.


The photography I remember is about capturing moments in real life, and providing those captured moments to the public, employers, commercial buyers, or your photographic library.

Did it occur to any complainers that said or suggested that the photographer should have helped the person, that the person provoked the person who pushed him off the platform?

The question is would you have helped the person knowing what he did to led up to him being pushed of the platform?

Here is a link to the video showing what led to his eventual demise: http://t.news.msn.com/us/video?videoid=538bd11b-850b-432c-ae88-29177d4e6c6c

We have law enforcement officers who are trained and authorized to handle problems that most regular people are not equipped to properly handle.

The reporting of the incident by the newspaper was correct!

Please notify the police before acting as a mediator with strangers on the street.

Keep in mind that had someone tried to help the person, they may have ended up with that person.

Walter Sr

Decent and people with common sense help people in danger all the time ie car accidents, house burning, war time, hurricanes, tornadoes, breaking up a fight etc.

It is just so different nowadays, people are just selfish compare to decades ago. I guess it is just probably in NY or big cities.

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