OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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Re: OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

secretworld wrote:

Unless you need the smaller power zoom 14-42 for it´s size, I would get the normal 14-42 zoom. It is cheaper and maybe a little sharper too and is nicer to hold. On a gx1 or gf5 the smaller size may be a bonus but not on a g5 IMHO.

Or get a G5 body with the 14-45 separate. It is a little better then the 14-42.

The 14-42 PZ (power zoom) pancake lens is ideally suited for the G5.  It makes for a much smaller package than either the standard 14-42 or 14-45mm. It is sharper than the 14-42, and especially sharp at the wider end. Apart from size, one thing that makes it so nice with the G5 is that you can use the G5's innovative zoom lever (directly behind the shutter release) to zoom the lens (unlike with the other Panny kit zooms).  This means you can operate the camera, including zooming, entirely with your right hand. Pretty cool.

What is more, the shutter shock issue that some speak of regarding the 14-42PZ is a non-issue because of the G5's electronic shutter.  Not only that, but the 14-42PZ's power OIS is good for about an additional stop beyond the mega OIS that is implemented on the other two lenses, which are older designs. I can get pretty sharp photos about half the time shooting at 1/4 of a second with the 14-42PZ.  Sometimes I can even hand-hold 1/2 second.  I didn't have that rate of success at such slow speeds with either of the other lenses.

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