NY post publishes photo of man about to die

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Re: Oxymoron: Tabloid Photographic Ethics

Jeff_Donald wrote:

What impeded his way was not physical obstacles, but rather time and space. The shot that was published is cropped so that the photographer appears to be much closer than he actually was. The photographer made the decision to run towards the man and tried to alert the trainman of the situation by firing his camera and flash. There have been several interviews with the photographer and he claims he was too far to physically aid the man on the tracks.

His first excuse he was too weak to lift him, second excuse, he was too far, third excuse, it would have taken him 22 seconds to reach him, lots of excuses for someone who I think is guilty for not helping like the rest of the people near the victim!

As you said, the photographer ran towards the man, instead of alerting the trainman, he should have helped Han. Just look at the photo or the video, Han is not huge, one pull, this guy would have been alive today.

His conscience will teach him a lesson that no photograph is worth replacing someones life and I hope it will send a message to others to help when someone is asking for help!

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