A Smartphone Based ILC

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Re: A Smartphone Based ILC

MonsieurJambon wrote:

I just thought I'd start a discussion here about the possibility of a smartphone based interchangeable sensor/lens camera.

My main question is this: given the power of smartphone processors these days and the relatively high bandwidth afforded by USB 3.0, would it make sense to have an ILC attachment for a smartphone that consisted simply of an interchangeable MFT or APS-C sensor, an interchangeable lens mount, a grip, and a holder to slide your smartphone into. There would be minimal processing elements, with most of the processing being handled by the smartphone's processors.

I figure this would allow the software flexibility and processing power afforded by smartphones with the image quality and ergonomics of MFT or APS-C cameras. It would also be cheaper than needing to have an entirely new set of processors (which from what I could find are far slower than those in smartphones) in the camera body.

The second question is tangentially related: would this extra processing power allow for super high MP sensors of APS-C size or larger (like a super-sized 808 sensor), and would there be any benefit to a sensor like this?

Processors in camera are specialized in image processing, so they are usually more powerful for this than a "generic" CPU in a smartphone. Smartphones probably also has a specialized image processors for the camera in them. A specialized processor also consumes much less power.

I doubt the ergonomics on a device like this will be very good. And it probably be difficult to support all different smartphone. So when you want to replace your smartphone you might find than the new smartphone not supported by the camera device.

It probably be a bit difficult to answer a phone with a 300mm f/2.8 lens is attached if you don't have the headset.

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