Fuji X-E1 or Olympus OMD

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Ray Sachs
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Re: Fuji scores 0 and Olympus 10 on EVF

macautio wrote:

I have XP1 and OMD, and i like to OMD much more.

Files are about same quolity, but technically OMD is way a better quality.

I have both also (X-Pro and OMD)  and I agree that a lot of the statements found here about how much better the Fuji IQ is to be pretty severely overstated. I LOVE the look of the Fuji files, but it's a qualitative thing - nothing you could measure. And I love the look of the OLympus files too. The Fuji is a bit better at really high ISO (6400 and up), but I'm not sure it's a meaningful difference because I don't think the ISO values are the same when it comes to getting the same shot. I can generally get the low light shots just as well with the OMD, but I haven't really done any scientific testing of the ISO values - but both are great low light cameras.

I love both cameras, one as an ultra modern do-everything camera that doesn't have any real weak spots (other than AF tracking, as all CDAF systems do), and the other as sort of a throwback film like camera that's more limited but equally wonderful in its own way, and with its own look and feel and shooting experience.


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