NY post publishes photo of man about to die

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Re: NY post publishes photo of man about to die

DuaneV wrote:

I don't care WHAT I was carrying, I would have dropped it and ran to the man to try and help pull him up.


People are often unable to respond correctly in an emergency and 'freeze'. A person who still needs to think about how he is going to respond is often too late to do anything. There is often just not enough time. That is why racing drivers, pilots, firemen, soldiers, etc practice situations over and over so that they can react without having to spend time deciding what to do. That is also why people should not laugh at fire drills in the office, as when the real thing happens you will then be prepared to respond correctly to the real thing without wasting time. The same apply to driving.

The photographer in this case was trained to respond to such situations by taking pictures. His excuse is rather lame (about the flash warning, I accept that he was too far away, he should just have kept quiet) but his work might well help people to stand a bit further away from a platform edge in future. It is my observation that people are so keen to get onto trains that they stand hopelessly too close to the edge. It is far easier to then get pushed intentionally (in this case) or accidentily onto the tracks.

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