Are the camera prices heading for a crash?

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Re: Are the camera prices heading for a crash?

sderdiarian wrote:

We'll also see what happens now that the mirrorless market is quickly maturing with well-spec'd bodies like the E-M5, GH3 and NEX 6 and 7, all of which I expect to hold their prices fairly well (the E-M5 body was only discounted $50 over Black Friday, this after being on the market for about 8 months).

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Sailin' Steve

I think this is going to be a problem all round as theres obviously not going to be the same influx of new buyers to large sensor photography we've seen over the past 5-6 years. Even those who's upgraded in the past I can see doing so less in the future as there cameras reach a standard of performance there happy with.

Thats part of the reason why I see photography moving back towards the pre digital business model of making money from higher end users who'll carry on buying lenses and other extra's.

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