Camera Upgrades: a striking analogy

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Re: Camera Upgrades: a striking analogy

brianj wrote:

I have been through the upgrade stress this year, up until now over the last 10 years I have upgraded about every two years, and now my current camera is two years old, like clockwork I am looking around to get an upgrade, but with each possible model found I would find that it had some part of its performance that was less than the model I already own.

Then I realised that I didn't need one because the industry has stagnated, yet I still had the yearning to upgrade. I think I have beaten it this year though, I have decided with much stress that I wouldn't need to upgrade, maybe I will get four years out of my current one.


Ah yes, Pavlov's people.  There goes that bell again.  (Advert man tugs at his bell rope, ting, ting).  I must rush to the camera shop and gobble one up!

Personally I try to ignore the bells (and also the whistles).  However....

Once in a while some camera manufacturer makes a-one with a feature or two that I will find genuinely useful and a great help in achieving the images I would like to capture but currently can't.  Just lately that Panasonic FZ200 has got me with it's bell-tings and come-hither whistles.  It provides a long telephoto with a constant f2.8, an excellent image stability feature to underpin the long tele use and even a fine EVF.  All this and a more than acceptable (to me) IQ.

The rascal has other tunes it whistles, such as high quality HD movies, decent focussing, a burst mode that will do 5fps in RAW for 11 images, etc..  (See how I am still doing the Pavlovian slavering).

The wallet has gone thin again - although I did scour the attic for eBay fodder to help.

Ah but this is the last one!  Oh yes it is! (I think).

SirLataxe, a sucker on the technology lollipops (but only the tasty ones).

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