Sync speed issue using flash sync terminal on D800E body

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Re: Sync speed issue using flash sync terminal on D800E body

Hello Stefano

There are an excellent explaination in Josephs first post. I recommend reading the replies.

Stefano Castellani wrote:

Hi Shooshando.

I experienced the same exact issue on a series of copywork shots with a D800. I shot the whole session at 1/200 and this shadow starts just very lightly from near the center to become heavier near the bottom side, being close to -0,5 stop. I had to adapt the exposure in the RAWs and stack files of different brightness in PS to obtain even illumination. This happened both with hensel contra 1000 units and nikon speedlights, always connected to the x sync. The working day was very quick, so I only happened to perceive the issue in the end... No other slower sync speed attempted, though. It's good to know that at 1/125 it doesn't happen, but then what's the use of having a 1/250 sync socket in a 3000 EU camera if it affects exposure?

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