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Bob Altic wrote:

Hi All,

This has probably been asked numerous times, but, I would like the groups current opinion concerning upgrading to CS6. I currently have CS5 and if I understand correctly, I need to upgrade to CS6 by the end of the year or I will have a price increase. I have heard that there were some bugs in CS6 and not to upgrade, keep using CS5, and wonder if Adobe has corrected them if they existed and the upgrade is worthwhile? I use mainly LR4 but edit with Topaz DeNoise in CS5. Many thanks in advance for the advice. Best, Bob:-)

Since you already have Lightroom 4  (LR) (Your should be on 4.3 RC 858820) going to CS6  (PS) and ACR 7.3 would give you complete integration in your workflow.
Like when you need to send a RAW file to CS6 for extra processing and then have it return to LR as a *.psd.
The Lightroom 4.3 RC Develop Module is/uses ACR 7.3 as is compatible with CS6.

There are numerous feature and performance enhancements and after the recent massive 'bug fix' update, CS6 Extended runs smoothly for me without any problems.

Even though I'm on a Dell Studio XPS 435T/9000 i7 Quad/8 cores @2.67 GH & Vista Ultimate x64 SP/2 with 12GBCS6 or CS6 Extended on Vista is not technically supported by Adobe !

I think its well worth the $200 to upgrade from CS5 to CS6, or you could even upgrade to CS6 Extended for $400, like I did if you want 3D capabilities, that's the only difference between the Standard and Extended versions.

Its not just the money you spend right now:

  • After you get used to what you can do with LR, and that's a lot, and
  • You are more comfortable going to PS less, only
    creating *.psd files in PS when you do, and
  • Only creating *.tiff or *.jpg files for external printing
    you'll be amazed at how much time you'll save.


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