Looking for buy first DSLR-mirrorless etc around 700$ a57 etc

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Re: Looking for buy first DSLR-mirrorless etc around 700$ a57 etc

Dshinystar wrote:

Hi, dpreview people, Hope you guys are doing great "first time posting here"

What would be my need for the DSLR

Key Features

Excellent picture in low light, color and dynamic

Fast AF really important

Articulating screen

Great Video function and quality

Stereo mic with mic jack

future expendable gear would be great too "lense, flash, microphone, adapter etc"

it's actualy my first DSLR " and I dont mind buying used too "

Thank for the help , wishing you guys the best holiday ever!


Ignoring the video mode and the best fit would be the Nikon d5100.

Including the video mode as your top feature, then the best fit would be the Sony a57.

Other reasonably close choices would include the Pentax k-30, Canon 60d and Panasonic GH3.

Most add-on items and most upgrade paths and so on are dominated by Canon and Nikon.

Best low light would be Nikon and Pentax

Best dynamic range would be Nikon, Pentax and Sony.

Articulated rear screen would be Nikon d5100, Sony A-57, Canon 60d and Panasonic GH3

Fast, accurate and reliable AF would be Canon 60d, Nikon d5100

Great Video quality would be all of the above unless you mean fast video AF as part of video quality.  In which case it would be Panasonic GH3 and Sony a57.

Best value would be the Nikon d5100 and Sony a57.  The problem with the d5100 (compared to the a57 (is video focusability).  The plus side of the d5100 is better ISO, DR and color sensitivity, plus of course there are many more high end bodies to upgrade to with a Nikon and many more lenses as well.

The other difference is a matter of taste.  Based on sales most people prefer the optical viewfinders used in Nikon cameras.  Nikon sells 4 cameras for every Sony.  Also Nikon has a much larger selection of lenses, flashes, and so on.

But if Video focus speed is a must, then the a57 is the only one which comes both close to your desired feature set and is available within your budget.

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