k01 shot to shot time with mf lens?

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Re: k01 shot to shot time with mf lens?

Toccata47 wrote:

Have read that when shooting raw the k01 takes a full second before it can shoot again. Not sure if is this is due to hardware or software and would be glad for some insight from someone that has used an old k-mount lens with the k01. If you've used an mf kmount lens, do you indeed suffer a 1 second lag?

I don't have K-01, but I really doubt that frame rate in raw will change if using AF or MF lens. As you get 5 FPS in jpg and only 1 fps in raw on K-01, it's probably just some strange limitation Pentax put on the camera.

In single shot mode there seems to be 2s delay between shots using RAW.

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