Canon SELPHY CP900 Defect

Started Sep 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Love To Hear From Other CP900 Owners

gipper51 wrote:

Following up on this, I found something that seems to help. If I go directly into the menu system on the printer itself (not the menu on your PC) and change the default the border setting from "Borderless" to "Bordered" it gets rid of the line. Even if I then print border-less out of Photoshop the line is gone.

For some reason having the default setting in the printer's menu was causing this. I've made half a dozen prints and the line has not come back, before every one of them had it. It's weird but I'm happy it's gone!

Thank you for this info. As I said above I did not notice the problem before, but since I have seen it I see it every time and it is really not motivating me to use the printer. I will get some IP (the post cards) paper today and try it!

Thanks again!


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