Early thoughts on Nikon 70-200 f4

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Re: Early thoughts on Nikon 70-200 f4

jhinkey wrote:

westcoasthd wrote:

Is the lens as well made as the f2.8 version, I had gotten the impression in a review that it was more plastic, but would like to know from someone who has the lens. Also if you have had a chance to do any comparisons with TC's attached between the f2.8 VR1 and the f4 version that you could post. I would like to see how the f4 version does wide open at 200mm with the same TC's as the f2.8 VR1 which I currently own.

Well I handled one for about 1/2 hour the other day (ended up not buying it because I think it was decentered a bit after taking test shots) so I do have something to say regarding the build-quality.

I don't think I could use it as a weapon like you feel you can with the 80-200AFS or the 70-200VRII, but I also did not think it felt cheaply made at all (like the 28/1.8G or even my 50/1.8G).

The focus and zoom rings felt smooth with the right amount of drag on them and the rest of the body felt pretty solid. Nice that it has the mount gasket (my 80-200AFS does not).

The VR seemed to be the best I've experienced (better than my 70-200VRII and worlds better than my 70-300VR).

For the IQ, size, weight, and built quality I think the initial price is quite fair. Did not have the tripod adapter available to evaluate it.


Unfortunately QC seems to be a bit problematic, like much else of Nikon product of late. I follow diglloyd.com and the unit that he received had at least a cosmetic defect (still evaluating the lens).


If you look at the rubber on the zoom ring, it is clearly twisted.

Hopefully Nikon will address the QC issues plaguing it lately. Expensive products (or any product for that matter) should receive better inspection before being shipped to customers.

I live in a country where we do not have a returns policy and now need to thoroughly check Nikon product (I don't need to worry about other brands mind you) before I leave the store. Once I walk out, it's mine. Already had a defective 24-70 2.8 which Nikon could/would not repair under warranty.

There is nothing wrong with Nikon product other than the QC which simply means checking product before shipping from the factory - is it that hard?

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