Canon 50 1.4 usm or 50 1.8/2 or sigma 50 1.4 ex

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Re: Canon 50 1.4 usm or 50 1.8/2 or sigma 50 1.4 ex

photospots wrote:

I would go for the 50mm 1.8. In standard lenses the IQ difference between the difference models isn't that big. Only spend a lot of money on it if you are a professional that lives off it.

Or you want nice bokeh, silent focus, manual focus, auto focus that doesn't "jump", 2/3 a stop brightness, contrast shooting into backlight (where the 50/1.8 absolutely falls to pieces), and sharpness wide open free of halation. The 50/1.8 is fine at f4, but only a professional would know the tricks to jump through the hoops necessary to get consistent results with it at wide apertures. Meanwhile the Sigma 50/1.4 takes away most of the stress in shooting wide open, and is simultaneously one of the cheapest f1.4 AF lenses around (the other three focal lengths - 24, 35, 85mm - are much dearer). Hardly a "professional" tool when you consider most consumer oriented EF-S zooms cost as much or more.

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