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Re: A99 video test

Shield3 wrote:

abritton76 wrote:

Another quick video test-


Did this in between jobs so nothing special just a walk about town. Again really happy with the footage. Probably if you pause it and put your nose two inches from the screen you might see something but otherwise looks great.

Sorry for it being a bit rough and all handheld but I was in a big hurry!

Hopefully when I get some time I can put up a more polished vid but it gives an idea.

(don't forget to let it stream in a bit first)


In a hurry? To selectively splice together and grade this footage, add a music soundtrack in, and yet ...drumroll...still NO deep depth of field shots here! It's the same old "Hey, most of the shot is OOF - so by default what's left must me sharp!"

I'm sorry but this is merely another shallow DOF fluff piece.

What did I just say earlier today?

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