Pro shooting with X10.. some thoughts

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:-)Colin Dutton wrote:

PAUL TILL wrote:

Colin Dutton wrote:

Mark H wrote:

One particular case where detail is most likely to be lost in 'M' 6MP size, is where 'EXR-DR' is deployed at low ISO - where it appears that the 'dual exposure time' process may result in half the sensor pixels simply being discarded entirely (not even 'binned'). This not only limits the resolution due to the lower MP count, but can also introduce increased aliasing artifacts (jaggies, moire patterns etc) due to the much lower '50% fill-factor' (under-sampling), and it actually also results in the image noise being closer to that of a 1EV higher ISO setting because there is 50% less pixel/noise averaging comprising the final image.

Thanks Mark, yes, that's exactly what I was seeing. So is 'M' EXR-DR doing the same processing as 'M' (Aperture Priority) DR400% ??

Mark will tell you yes, but then Mark hasn't a clue what he's talking about, he can talk the talk but not walk the walk.

When Fuji released the orb lessening firmware it only worked in EXR mode, it did not affect shots taken in PASM modes so there must be a difference.

Below is a shot at 6MP DR200% from the much better (in my opinion) EXR sensor in the F200EXR. The highlights have held up pretty well, would have been even better at DR400%. The shadows are not blacked out and noisy. This shot wouldn't have contained any more detail at 12MP but it would have blown out the highlights due to the camera not binning two different exposures.


Paul, yes, that looks pretty good. Here's what I'm seeing. On the left a 6mp 'M' DR400%. On the right a 12mp 'L' resized to 6mp. Both shot at 100asa. I was hoping that for holiday snaps I could leave the camera on 'M'400% knowing that I'd get sharp, detailed images with good DR. It's good enough for what I need but I thought they'd be as good as that rescaled 'L'. Sometimes it seems to be better, I just need to work out when and why.

That pretty much shows exactly what I've been saying...

If the 'EXR-DR' process discards one half the sensor's pixel values it is absolutely bound to produce an inferior image, in terms of resolution, artifacts, and noise.

[P.S. Incidentally - when you said " 100asa", you're really showing your age/film days. ]

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