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Re: Hmmm remember it very well mate

nzmacro wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

A potential defense of "fair use" regarding such related events is an interesting legal question. I recently (on Open Talk Forum) I asked some questions specifically relating to such a hypothetical situation to a poster who states that he is a practicing attorney in the field of copyright law:

That poster, who had offered a (not legal advice, but essentially personal) opinion to another poster regarding a situation where a poster had published a re-touched version of another poster's published image, interestingly, ended up electing to not reply to my specific inquiries.

Previous bluster seemed to fade when "the counselor" was faced with specific hypotheticals.

I remember that thread rather well mate to say the least

It is one of the few things in photography forums that really get me going. Very simply its a total lack of respect IMO and I will hound anyone I see that does this sort of thing. I've had it happen to me and others I know with some even claiming its their work. Man I see red DM

Fair use. To who, thats the issue and not everything is B/W. That was done by a fellow Kiwi, I was not happy at all. All anyone has to do is simply ask permission first.

Anyway I better stop DM. Just thanks for coming to that issue in the Open Talk forum mate

There is a sometime poster here for who I requested permission to apply some NR to their posted image, and to place it in my DPR Gallery in order to include it in a post showing the result (which that poster requested that I do). It remains in my DPR Gallery to date. But I would not be comfortable to publish it in another (different) thread (such as this one, or any other) - because my processing of that image belongs to the copyright holder. It does not belong to me. Owning and using are different.

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