50mm F1.4 or 135mm F2.8 for portrait?

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Re: 50mm F1.4 or 135mm F2.8 for portrait?

Molan wrote:

I am all new in portrait photography, I got the 50mm F1.4 for low light (aquarium) shoot, and the 135mm F2.8 as a cheap concert lens (would have bought the Sony 70-200 F2.8 G if it wasn't so bloody expensive).

Now I want to take some nice pictures of one of my friends (female), and I am wondering witch lens is the right choice?

50mm F1.4 has lower aperture for nice booke, but 135mm have more focal length and F2.8 at 135mm can give nice booke too.

It’s an A77 by the way.


I've got the Sigma 50/1.4, Minolta 85/1.4 and Minolta 135/2.8

On my A580 the Sigma 50/1.4 is perfect for portraits. Anything longer and you need too much space to work.

On my A900 the Minolta 85/1.4 is perfect.

For candids where you want to keep a lot of space between your camera and the subject, the 135mm 2.8 works well, but I wouldn't recommend it as a portrait lens, especially not on an APS-C A77, maybe would work on FF but not APS-C. The 85mm is even too long a lot of the time on APS-c for me.

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