V1 owner upgraded to P7100

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Re: I was not expecting this...

Jared Huntr wrote:

Emile de Jong wrote:

In response I'd have to say that I couldn't agree less. I owned both and concluded:

- the P7100 has way more noise at every ISO, even at 100 iso.
(But what do you expect from a smaller chip?)

- above 800 iso the colours on the P7100 becomes less usable en reliable.
(noticeable colour shift.) While V1 is very - very colour accurate, actually colour wise it is the best I have seen in a compact or system/milc camera.

Based on your comments, I was expecting the P7100 to do a lot worse than the N1. But it appears surprisingly close for ISO 800 and 1600, not 'way more' noise. At ISO 100-400 they are close enough for practical purposes.

ISO 800 and 1600 comparisons below:





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