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$1300 for a JPEG-only camera?

Derek Dean wrote:

The Silver Fox wrote:

Derek Dean wrote:

So, I just got off the phone with Fuji Pro Digital help center, and they couldn't give me any kind of help at all.

The young lady was very nice, but explained that for some reason the Pro-1 and X-E1 "don't seem to play well with Mac computers", that they have problems with updates, etc, and she wasn't sure when support would be forthcoming.


Well, as a Mac user, this pretty much settles it for me. I've been waiting to decide between purchasing the X-E1 & the Oly OM-D. With the dodgy RAW support for the Fuji X-cameras (except the X-100, which I own and love), and this revelation that they don't play well with Macs, with no timeline for when support will arrive, I'm going with the OM-D. Sad, really. The X-E1 is the superior of the OM-d in so many ways. But as with many of Fuji's products, it seems to have a small number of crippling flaws that prevent it from being universally acceptable.

Well, I know exactly how you feel, but I'm still considering the X-E1. What's funny is that it lacks so many of the features I would love to have in a new system, like a fully articulating LCD, touch screen, WYSIWYG in full manual mode, a few more Function buttons, full RAW support, a better video section, etc......... but I believe it has that one thing that probably trumps all those convenience features...... amazing image quality.

Interestingly, despite the lack of full RAW support I keep seeing stunning photos presented in this forum.

I've also been considering both the Panasonic GH3 and the Olympus OMD. Both systems have a pretty good selection of lenses already in place, full RAW support, and lots of really useful features, but something keeps pulling me back to the Fuji X-E1 forum, dagnabit.

Anyway, good luck with your decision....... but if I were you...... I'd sleep on it.


You've hit on the one thing that is the big draw of the X-E1, that amazing image quality. I love my X100's IQ, and from what I see in posted pix, the X-E1's are even better. And, like you, I can overlook the absence of many key features like touch screen and fully articulating LCD for the sake of that amazing IQ. But without RAW support, compounded with what your post seemed to indicate as ambivalent Mac support, the X-E1's price tag is awful steep for a JPEG-only camera. It's like I'm only getting half a camera. When the X-E1 was first announced, my heart was all a-flutter, but the more I learn about it, it just seems like there are way too many compromises. I suppose everyone must decide if the compromises are worth living with in order to have that great IQ.

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