Girl's Basketball--New Shooter here...Help and Comments please!

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Re: Girl's Basketball--New Shooter here...Help and Comments please!

You are in the minority here.. a fellow Sony shooter as me.

Arguably your A57 is one iteration better than my A550 so I think I can speak in similar relative terms.

Additionally, you have the same two Minolta lens that I have -- a cheapo 50mm f/1.7mm and the best bang for the buck, Minolta beercan F/4.0 lens.

As with you, you are close to top limits of what your camera and lens setup can deliver.  If you are continuing in sports shooting and thinking about upgrading.. changing to Canon or Nikon is a prudent choice.

On the other hand, the cheapest way to defer the desire to upgrade hardware, is to fine tune your post processing skills in your photo editing software.

At a minimum, learn how to use levels and curves to make adjustments to your pictures.  A de-noise software is a must.. which I don't have as of now.

I am just learning to use Corel Paint Shop Pro X2.. but today I got my copy of Corel Paint Shop Pro X5.  My pictures will certainly get better (and not worse) because of it.

If I learn the software as intended by the author.. I think it can make up one to one and one half F/ stop in lens light.

The picture below was shot (Minolta 50mm f/1.7 at 1/500sec ISO 1600 - manual focus is the only way to overcome the slow focus) in the darkest HS gym in the Reno / Sparks area -- and the color of the lights is toilet pee yellow.  Yuck.

Last year, the two local newspaper photographers covering Sparks HS used camera flashes (One shooting with Canon 7D F/2.8 lens and other using Nikon D300 with F/2.8 lens)..

This year, the same photographer is using the latest version of the Canon 5D but no flash.  He showed me his latest purchase yesterday.

On the other hand.. for the type of shooting I do, I can live with what I got -- for now.  But the itch is always there to change to a Canon 7D or a Nikon D7000 just for starters.

As they say.. when you buy wrong, you buy twice.

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