X10 or G15?? Opinions??

Started Dec 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
Rainer Eberhardt Regular Member • Posts: 231
No Powershot G again

I have a Powershot G10. It has a very solid feel and you'd think that it would last like forever, but it has several issues. My impression is that it is made to break.

Over the last four years, I have used the G10 quite regularly, but with great care and I kept it very clean. Still, it seems to arrive at the end of the "product life cycle".

First, I have had it repaired for dust on the sensor. The lens barrel attracts dust and sucks it in. So you have to keep the camera very clean all the time and handle it with great care.

Now, an internal cable seems to be breaking, giving me another one of the well known errors that the camera develops over time.

Others report that the front lens gets scratched by the automatic lens cover (on G10, 11, 12). And so on.

With this experience, buying the G15 is not an option for me. I very much like the camera, but I want a camera that does not only feel solid, but that is robust by design.

I am currently having a close look at the X10, but I guess I personally will be better served with the Micro Four Thirds system, leaving both the compact camera and the Nikon DSLR behind.

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