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Re: NEX vs Fuji vs OMD - JPEG color casts.

LTZ470 wrote:

Olympus EM-5 has a Warm White Balance in the Menu you can turn on/off...the on will create warmer reddish orange hues as you are saying and the off will create a more neutral bluer crisper photo...I leave mine set to off all the time...

Sony has this same orange cast on indoor shots with the Nex-7 and Nex-5N as well as RX100...really turns me off this orange cast, so you have to insure you get the WB right when you are shooting jpegs...

I shoot ALL jpegs and have tried RAW on several accounts and cameras, have always came back to jpegs...

Actually, I'm talking 100% about outdoor shots.  And, I'm aware of the Warm White Balance thingy, but I'm not aware if it's really the culprit or not.

There is a page that has PERFECT examples of what I'm talking about, so forgive me if I borrow a few images from it:

Here is a shot from the Fuji X-E1:

Note the green grass.

Now, here's the equivalent from the Olympus OM-D E-M5:

Note the, umm, "brown" grass.

Note the ASTONISHING difference in the color of the house, or castle, or whatever it is.

Here's one more round, first the Fuji, then the Olympus:

There you go.  Both Olympus shots have the TEXTBOOK Olympus reddishness.

And, frankly, the Fuji is just as far off, over to the blue side of the spectrum.

I have owned the Olympus E-PL1 and E-PL2, and that magenta push or whatever you want to call it is why they are long gone.  I had hoped that the E-M5 might have minimized this, but I've seen too many pictures like these, that show it well.

And, I've been scratching my head over the "gorgeous" Fuji color, when I just see a heavy blue cast, and quite often the darks are very dark indeed.  Here are a few links and such:

First of all, here's the page from which I borrowed these images -- many thanks to the owner:
And, for more "blue Fuji" pictures, check out the samples from the PhotographyBlog review of the E-X1:

Check out picture #36, with the green copper dome in the background -- go dig out the same shot in the NEX-5R review, and you can clearly see how it absolutely teems with a blue cast, and it just looks dark and gloomy compared to the 5R shot.

At any rate, I have been interested in these two cameras, but I sure see the "native JPEG color and contrast" from them as, well, keeping me firmly in the NEX camp.  And frankly, I think the RX100 has more neutral color than any of them!

Not that any color is "perfect," and I know that I would probably absolutely HATE pure, true "accurate" color.  But I sure don't like these overall casts -- I've tried dialing them out (as in my two E-PL cameras), and I've never been able to get good results with it.  And I've never liked screwing around with the color in post-processing, as it always seems to look "fake."

So, again, these colors are why I can't even begin to get into the detailed discussions you guys have been digging into....

Tom Hoots

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