Noktor 0.95 50mm, keep or return??

Started Dec 5, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Noktor 0.95 50mm, keep or return??

El Matadurr wrote:

Tommygun45 wrote:

For that kind of money why not just get the zeiss 24 and grab an fd canon 1.2 or 1.4 for portrait work a little down the line. You can get the 1.4 for 50 bucks or the 1.2 for 2-300.

Some people need to get as much shallow DoF as possible, and the f/.95 is important to them. I am not one of those people (though I absolutely love sliceabley-thin DoF). Your suggestion makes a lot of sense, given how bad the corners are on the Noktor.

I have the voigtlander 50 1.1, lovely build quality and my copy is more than acceptably sharp (although some users seem to think its not sharp enough.. perhaps compared to a Leica Noct) The added benefit is it will also work on FF.

heres a half body portrait sample

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