The importance of a fast prime, SEL50F18

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Re: Fast Primes are my favorite way to make photos

jpatkinson wrote:

For some reason, I haven't been all that successful with using flash to achieve natural-looking skin tones or a feeling of three-dimensionality to a photo of a personNEX-7 & Sigma 30mm f/2.8

for me the best way I have found to get good dimensionality using flash is to move it off the camera. I will be honest and say I havent yet done this with my NEX, but in my Nikon days this was just about the only way I ever used flash

both of these shots I placed the flash off to the right. the first I had them actually look at the flash and the second at me (the first worked well because my granddaughter thought it was magic that I could make the flash fire without it connected to anything - got to love that nikon CLS)

I really like your natural light shots, you controlled the light very well and got nice catch lights in your daughters eyes, unfortunatly I have found that the odds of my subjects being in a place where I can control the situation so that the natural light is coming like this are few and far between

Like I said - Photography is all about the light, natural light, golden hour, studio lights, and even flash both on camera and off camera, they are all tools that we need to learn if we want to maximize or photographic opportunities

lord knows I am a far way from mastering any of them, but I am trying

almost forgot - I always shoot RAW if possible and adjust for skin color in post - I am partially color blind so adjusting such things in the field and shooting JPEG would not be a good thing

NEX-5 & 18-55 OSS
And a spare black 18-55

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