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almost horse manure

Zardoz wrote:

itchhh wrote:

The idea of an affordable rangefinder that has a sensor that can compete with a DLSR has a certain attraction for me. A couple of questions if i may.

There's no rangefinder mechanism, therefore it's not a rangefinder. It just looks like one.

  1. How "good" are the Fuji lens?

They're decent, but not amazing. They're relatively cheap for the quality they provide.

The 18mm is useless for landscape because the edges are smush. The center is good.

If you're interested in landscapes you will not shoot at anything below or faster than 5.6. Why? Insufficient DOF. At F5.6 the corners are plenty sharp. For sure its not as sharp as the center but its quite sharp.

The bad things about the cam are (1) slow/poor AF; (2) crappy battery; and (3) slowness compared to a dSLR.

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