Nex-5N vs Nex-5R

Started Dec 4, 2012 | Questions thread
Tom Hoots
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Re: My slightly different take.

Scott418 wrote:

I echo Tom's thoughts and reasons for getting a 5R (but will never get rid of the 5N either, it's a perfect back up camera).

Yeah, my two NEX-5N bodies aren't going away, to be sure.

As for the top dial, I'm "dialexic" -- I can never figure out which way to turn the dang things to go in the direction I want.  So, I avoid that dial like the plague.  My biggest relief is that the rear control wheel works with the same up/down/right/left actions with all of the functions like it does in the 5N.  I can figure out the ultra-unambiguous up/down and left/right.

Tom Hoots

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