Initial findings of the Canon 6D

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Re: Initial findings of the Canon 6D

Played with one the other day for about 20 mins. I had a 60D before I got my 5D3, so it felt like going home to where i started. Basically the camera feels like a 60D that somehow has a $2000 price tag. Layout is basically the same, grip feels the same, and even the autofocus pattern is the same. Granted the viewfinder was nice and huge, but I think i would have been disappointed had I waited on my 5D3. I'm sure the 6D will take phenomenal pics, but in-hand, the camera just doesn't feel like as big of an upgrade from the 60D in relation to the price you're paying.

Say what you will abou the 5D3 being expensive, but when i spent that money i got a camera that was MUCH more advanced and customizable, in addition to the amazing image quality. yes, its $1000 more, but I feel even more justified in spending that money now that I've held the alternative.

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