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sybersitizen wrote:

Rand 47 wrote:

A Google search on the topic will yield much better information for anyone interested in understanding the topic. E.g. -

The video on that page is the epitome of gross exaggeration and is of no practical value - IMO, of course.

But this excerpt from the same page is the kind of information that people can actually use:

My advice is to keep life simple. I suggest that photographer’s of any level shoot Jpeg images using the sRGB color space. Using sRGB in camera will give you files that can be printed directly off the memory card. If you need more control over color, if a wider gamut will help with your work, then bring home Raw files and learn to use post-processing software like Lightroom or Photoshop CS5.

I agree. Given the level of experience on this forum, the quote above is quite apt. I disagree with your take on the video, however. While humble, it is a good graphic illustration for those who do not understand what a color space is and how camera settings impact later ability to utilize color information to best effect in producing optimal output - which is quite evident from the majority of posts in this thread.

If one never prints (or has prints made) and only displays images on non-color-managed sRGB monitors or other display devices, sticking with sRGB is fine, I suppose. But even that assumes that one would "never" make a print or ever have their images displayed on a wide gamut, color managed, device.

I for one work in RAW and ProPhotoRGB, even when my client's use is for an sRGB display. I simply soft proof for the intended display and export an appropriate file. That way, when the need arises for prints, or other display modes, I have all the color information available for the most optimum output and have not thrown information in the trash for the sake of either ignorance or convenience. It isn't rocket science, but it does take a little study and understanding to get the most from the modern digital equipment we're spending all this money on. Otherwise, one would be just as well off with a nice superzoom P&S and shoot jpg only. And some, in fact, do just that and produce really fine work - but of limited flexibility.

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