Need to tether a77 for photoshoot

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Re: Need to tether a77 for photoshoot

When I used Kodak DSLRs and Canon and Nikon DSLRs I often used them tethered. When I went with a couple of Sony a77s that was the only "gotcha" of the whole deal. No tethering. But I kinda knew that going into it. I was griping to a Canon shooter who said that he'd rather tether to his TV than his computer. I asked him to explain.  He said, "Look, if I shoot raw and tether to a laptop the downloads are painfully slow, the laptop screens are a pain in the butt to even get in the ballpark for calibration and the screen is too small. Get yourself a 20 inch or 30 inch LED TV for about $300 and plug the camera into the HDMI port. You see the images as fast as you can shoot them. You get them as big as you'd want them and everyone on the shoot can see them large.  If you need to tether to share the shoot with art directors and other crew members it's a pretty no-brainer method."

When I read Lou Manna's first book on shooting food photography he was shooting with Olympus and, even though Olympus had (very slow) tethering software he also opted to use a 50 inch HD TV which he felt was a very superior alternative. Many video shooters also work with their a77s this way. Not to mention Nikon and Canon shooters.

The current TVs do color fairly well and are very detailed. If you are using it as a check on comp, technical issues and model gesture you may find it a much better solution than traditional tethering.

So, when the shoot is over you still have to download your cards. That's the only downside.

I now use that method in the studio with a 50 inch Sony Bravia TV and it works very, very well. Just thought you might want to entertain an alternative.

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