NEX-F3 frustration--is this related to ISO 200?

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EV (exposure 'light' value) scenarios are entirely different as well as FOV/DOF...

Panasonic FZ28 Super Zoom (27-486mm FF equivalent FOV Zoom)

Lens set at: 8.2mm (46.1mm equivalent Full Frame (FF) FOV)
f/4 = 8.2mm/4 = 2.05mm aperture diameter
Shutter speed: 1/160s
Sensitivity: ISO 100
Calculated EV = 11.32 EV (considerably bright)
FF equivalent DOF: 46.1m/2.05mm = f/22.5 (very deep DOF!!!)


Sony NEX-F3: 18-55 (27-82.5mm FF equivalent FOV Zoom)

Lens set at: 22mm (33mm equivalent Full Frame (FF) FOV)
f/4 = 22mm/4 = 5.5mm aperture diameter
Shutter speed: 1/60s
Sensitivity: ISO 200
Calculated EV = 8.91 EV (not particularly as bright)
FF equivalent DOF: 33mm/5.5mm = f/6.0 (medium DOF; not too deep; not too shallow)

Traditional 'sunny day' lit scenery is ISO 100 f/5.6 1/60s (EV 10.88!!!) as 'reference'

Thus your Panasonic FZ28 scenery was exposed 'auto' at least that bright (EV 11.32), your scenery is clearly IN THE SUNLIGHT of a sunset.

and your Sony Nex-F3 scenery was exposed 'auto' nowhere that bright at only (EV 8.91) [more proof you're in the SHADOWS!!! (very close to well-lit indoors) you clearly are in the 'shadow' of sunset (dusk), not IN the sunlight]

if you happen to be a whiz in Excel (spreadsheets) and math, you could generate your own FULL EV calculator to see how different camera settings compare at different ISO, speed, f/stops.

the formula for EV, is here:

FOV = Field of View (Angle of View): lower mm value, wider the shot

DOF = Depth of Field: smaller the aperture diameter (smaller f/value fraction) , the deeper the depth of field. f/1 is larger diameter than f/64 (tiny diameter); f = focal length of lens

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