deciding between Pentax Q and GRD 4

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Re: deciding between Pentax Q and GRD 4


I thought about using the Q with it's standard lens in a similar manor to the GRD and had a very hard look at the Q but did not buy it. It's a fine camera if you leave it at that, but the temptation to use it's multiplication factor with adapters and Pentax K mount lenses would in my case probably prove irresistible so I wandered over to Pentaxforums and had a look at what owners are doing there. Some of them have managed to get very good wildlife shots by adding on their 300mm lenses and achieving lenses of 1600mm focal lengths etc., but in doing so have lost the complete portability and pocketability of the Q by adding tripods, telescopic sights and what-have-you to the outfit and I really didn't want to go down that road.

I don't have the GRD, any version, but I think it's what I would get if I was doing what you intend to do with it.

Just remember that whatever you buy is a piece of consumer electronics which will ultimately fail and therefore has to be written off over time.

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