E-M5 a few constructive criticisms

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E-M5 a few constructive criticisms

I love this camera but feel the need to mention a few things that would make it even greater. From my point of view they should be easy to implement via firmware, but then what do I really know about that? Not much.

1. Distance Scale

The Fuji cameras have a good electronic distance scale and Panasonic has a rudimentary one.

I wish that Olympus would implement one. Only a few m4/3 lenses have distance scales on the lenses. All of the others would benefit fromt his feature allowing us to easily focus at hyper-focal and infinity. This would be especially valuable to me when shooting in dark conditions; lack of this feature prevented me from taking any shots of glow-worms while on vacation last week, for example.

2. Customizable SCP

I like the Super Control Panel, espcially in conjunction with the E-M5's dials. That said, there are settings that I wish were present on the panel and others that I would leave off the panel. The ability to add and remove items would be an excellent addition here.

3. Easier Bracketing toggle

Menu-Diving to turn bracketing on and off is a apain. It would be good if bracketing where one of the options selectable in the 'frame' menu of the SCP. Anti-Shock, burst and timer options are all selectable in this menu, why not bracketing?

4. MySet toggling

Holding the function button down to shoot with a given MySet is weird and awkward. Why not have the function button act as a simple toggle that turns the MySet On or Off?

5. Autofocus Selector + Metering

When the camera is set to Spot Metering it really should meter on the spot where you are auto-focusing rather than being anchored to the center af point.

6. Level Indicator + Highlight/Shadow viewing

I enjoy using both of these modes in the EVF but wish that I could use them both at the same time rather than having to toggle between the two.

7. Additions to LiveTime/LiveBulb

This feature is brilliant, with many possibilities that I haven't even explored yet. That said, it would really benefit from a histogram overlay and/or highlight/shadow warning.

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